Hand-drawn landscape design.

Landscape Design

Elevate your outdoor experience with our landscape design services. Our team of experienced designers will create a personalized plan tailored to your property, preferences, and budget, while adhering to regulations and environmental factors. With a cost-estimated plan and high-quality materials, we ensure a water-conscious landscape that is easy to maintain. Don’t settle for an ordinary outdoor space, let us bring your dream to life!

3D Imaging

Our 3D landscape drawing service allows you to visualize your outdoor space with photo-realistic drawings and make informed material and lighting choices. We can create precise digital replicas of your property and experiment with different options. Our high-quality images help you fully immerse yourself in your new outdoor space, and we also offer cost-effective landscape sections to help you understand the different levels of your space.

Irrigation system sprinkler watering the lawn.

Irrigation Design

Our certified irrigation expert can design a highly efficient irrigation system that conserves water and helps your plants thrive. We partition the system into zones based on microclimates and select the most suitable products for your property. Additional equipment, such as smart irrigation system controllers, can be installed for added convenience. Long-term maintenance is also essential to keep your irrigation system functioning correctly and efficiently.

Lighting Design

Our professional lighting design service enhances the nighttime enjoyment of your outdoor living space by providing ambiance, safety, while highlighting your favourite areas. The process involves identifying lighting opportunities and incorporating them into a plan that considers the future and different seasons. We then select lighting products that will achieve the desired effects while conserving energy and reducing light pollution, ensuring that they complement the overall landscape.

Outdoor lighting designed to showcase the backyard.
"Okanagan Lifestyle by Design"

The Okanagan offers a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is lounging at the beach, on the water, sipping wine at a local vineyard, playing a round of golf or hiking the trails. Our goal in creating your space is to bring the Okanagan to you. Whether we are helping you create your forever home or designing the perfect getaway retreat, we want to make sure your reasons for being here are reflected in your private outdoor space.